Monday, 26 December 2011

Yesterday's top five televisual moments.

5. The end of the John Lewis advert (for now).

The people who cried at this are the same people who cry at Downton Abbey, buy Kirstee Allsopp's books and vote for Matt Cardle. You can't trust these people.

4. Morecambe and Wise 1971 Christmas Special: Grieg's Piano Concerto Sketch.

"In the Second Movement, not too heavy on the banjos". Twelve minutes, forty-eight seconds of absolute, unbridled genius.

3. Eastenders: Epic Christmas Pudding Fail.

Now I don't watch Eastenders often, but tuning in to hear someone say, "HE SET FIRE TO YOUR MUM"... I mean, wow. 

This is a clip of Phil Mitchell's flaming Christmas tree to presumably similar affect.

2. Sarah Lund's cameo in Absolutely Fabulous.

"I'm speaking Danish", Edina said.

"No, you're not", Lund said.

She was wielding a torch and everything.

1. Happy Feet.

For a not insignificant portion of yesterday afternoon, an unnamed member of my family thought that they were watching Frozen Planet. 

"Attenborough's at it again," they said.

"No, he's not," I said.

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