Monday, 2 January 2012

Overheard in the pick and mix queue of the cinema.

Woman 1: My Week With Marilyn it is then.

Woman 2: Is it a true story?

Woman1: I should hope so. The best ones usually are. 


Bend It Like Beckham, for example.*

(The Pick and Mix queue moves forward).

She was good, wasn’t she?

Woman 2: Yeah.



Woman 1: Marilyn.

Woman 2: Yeah.

Woman 1: Good but also vulnerable.

Woman 2: Yeah.

Woman 1: It was the drugs that killed her.

Woman 2: Was it?

Woman 1: Well that and The President.

Woman 2: Yeah.


I’ve never seen a costume drama.

Woman 1: Never?

Woman 2: Never.

Woman 1: Not even Jane Austen?

Woman 2: Which one’s that?


Woman 1: Would you like some Revels?

*N.B. Bend It Like Beckham is NOT a true story.

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